Past Life Regression Arizona

Do you ever have the impression that anything from your past is preventing you from living the life you want now? Maybe it’s something you can’t recall, but you have a strong feeling it’s someplace in your mind? If this is the case, past life regression hypnotherapy may be beneficial to you. If you are looking for past life regression hypnosis/hypnotherapy in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place.

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You may be wondering how regression hypnosis therapy might assist you in reconnecting with a part of your life that has faded from memory. And, if you do connect with that previous period, what can you do now? Getting the facts about this or any therapy before deciding whether or not to pursue it is the best approach to make an informed decision. 

Past life regression hypnotherapy aims to unearth items from your past that may be contributing to your current mental state or bad habits. Age regression therapy and past life regression therapy are the two types of regression therapy. The first is intended to address events from your childhood, while the second is intended to assist you in resolving issues from previous lifetimes. Later in this post, we’ll go through these two therapies in further depth.

Some people may be afraid to pursue hypnotherapy past life regression therapy since it is fraught with controversy. However, if you believe in any of the beliefs behind this sort of therapy, you should be aware that positive outcomes have been reported in the past.


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Regression therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves resolving past events to assist people improve their emotional and cognitive health.



A hypnotherapist’s purpose while regressing you to a prior time or life is to assist you in resolving your current troubles. We employ regression therapy techniques to uncover and settle your thoughts regarding past events, allowing you to feel more at ease in the present.

These past feelings could make you feel and act in ways that don’t make sense in the present. These feelings and behaviors from the past, for example, may cause you to:

-To experience anxieties and phobias without understanding why
-To feel remorseful for no apparent cause
-To find it difficult to be intimate
-To deal with a wide range of relationship challenges
-To be afflicted by mental illnesses

Regression Hypnosis as a Tool:

Although there are other methods for conducting regression therapy, hypnosis is the most popular for having vivid past life regression or age regression results.

Hypnosis puts you in a relaxed condition that helps you to access and analyze memories that you are generally unaware of or have forgotten or suppressed during regression therapy.

Past Life Regression Sessions Comes in a Variety of Forms:

Age regression therapy sessions transports you to a previous period of your life. Past life regression therapy session, on the other hand, goes beyond this life and into previous lives.


You might learn about things that happened to you when you were a child if you undergo age regression therapy. In certain instances, this therapy may reveal memories that you were previously unaware of. The idea is to not only relive the memory, but also to bring it to your conscious mind so that you may deal with it deliberately.


Past life regression is claimed to transport you to past lives so that you can resolve issues that developed long before your current one. Many people believe that this therapy is appropriate for them since there appears to be no other reason for their worries, shame, or other troubles. They may also believe in specific spiritual concepts that allow them to benefit from regression therapy.


Regression therapy is divided into various stages, the first of which is hypnosis.

1. Relaxing. The initial stage of the hypnosis phase is relaxation. The therapist speaks softly and gently to you, taking you through a method for relaxing your body and mind.

2. Visualization. After that, you’ll go on to the hypnotic visualization stage. Instead than asking if you see something specific or feel a certain way, the therapist asks open-ended questions. These types of questions allow you to talk about anything comes to mind, even if the therapist isn’t aware of it.

You might feel the same way you felt when you first saw the memory in your mind’s eye. You might also feel sorry for the younger you were at the time of the incident. You may become irritated and agitated if what you’re recalling is an episode of abuse or violence. Before guiding you back to awareness of your surroundings, the therapist will assist your younger self in dealing with the situation.

3. Examining Memory Intentionally. The therapist will assist you in transferring that knowledge to your conscious mind after you have explored and re-experienced the situation. They may tell you what transpired or provide you with a tape of the conversation. Your therapist will assist you begin to put the memory you’ve discovered into context once you’ve become aware of it.

4. Determining the Importance. It’s critical to comprehend why a memory is significant to you after rediscovering it. What impact has it had on your life? How do you feel about yourself, people involved in the incident, and the world in general now that you remember it? What have you discovered?

5. Gaining Knowledge from New Information. If you’ve recently regained a memory, you can use it to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. You may also have a better understanding of other individuals in your life. Your therapist can assist you in incorporating this new knowledge into your existing feelings, conflicts, and behaviors.

Is it Safe to Do Past Life Progression and Age Regression on Your Own?

Self-hypnosis may or may not allow you to do regression therapy on yourself. Is it safe, is the actual question? What happens, after all, if you remember something and don’t know what to do with it? You may find yourself in a circumstance that causes you significant mental distress and from which you have no way out on your own. It’s preferable to consult with a certified therapist to ensure your safety.


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If you feel there’re lingering thoughts or emotions that doesn’t belong to this lifetime and is affecting or influencing your life negatively, then it’s time to have a past life regression session to figure out how to desensitize the emotion and live a happier fulfilling life.

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