Reasons Why Smoking Cigarettes Is Dangerous To Your Health

Reasons Why Smoking Cigarettes Is Dangerous To Your Health

Stop Smoking Effortlessly

Did you know that around 1000 Americans are dying every day because of smoking?😮

One out of every six men is dying in the United States because of smoking. It is quite clear now that smoking is one of the major causes of death.💀If you smoke then you are also enhancing the chances of diseases that will end up in death. 😖The major diseases due to smoking are coronary heart disease, lung cancer, mouth cancer and severe problems regarding throat, bladder, kidney, and pancreas. 💔 
Most of the diseases are so severe that there are no treatments available for them. The severe gangrene problem has been found in diabetic patients, who smoke a lot.🔥
Now, it’s about time you quit smoking immediately. 🙏 Do not think it is impossible for you to quit it, as there are many chain smokers, who have quit smoking. The only thing one needs is the determination and once you achieve your destination then you will feel happy and contented.

Follow these rules and see the results:😎

First of all, 1⃣ you need a FIRM determination of quitting this bad habit! ✅
Reasons Why Smoking Cigarettes Is Dangerous To Your Health 
When you have determined firmly, it’s then time to decide a date. 🗓 Now, from this particular date, you should make it a mental note to not touch any cigarette.🚭 For a smoker, smoking is one of the essentials. Now you have decided to quit it and to attain the quitting, try a different routine at the time of smoking.✊ As the date of quitting is approaching, try to minimize the intake of cigarettes and the conditions when you smoke.
Take a glass jar, 🚰 fill it with water and drop all the butts of the cigarette into it.
😀✊ 🚭Try to concentrate on the advantages after quitting cigarette. 🥇You will find that quitting smoking have much more advantages than smoking. 🏋🤑🚵‍♀️ If one quits smoking then there will be considerable minimization in the risk involved due to heart disease, cancer, and other deadly diseases. ❤
Earlier you use to get tired up easily, 😪 but now you have more power. You will also gain resistance from cough, cold and flu.😍💪​
You don’t have to do this by your self. There isn’t time for trial and error.🤔 Get our proven system that has helped many people say bye to cigarettes effortlessly.✅ In this program, you’ll learn EFFECTIVE strategies you can use every day, You’ll also have access to our PROVEN hypnosis mp3 that’ll reprogram the Subconscious mind (to kick the habit once and for all) 💪😃✊
It’ll be like having hundreds of bodyguards 🕵💂inside your brain protecting 🛑 your mind from every smoking temptation there is.
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7 Reasons Why Smoking is Even More Hazardous for Diabetics

7 Reasons Why Smoking is Even More Hazardous for Diabetics

7 Reasons Why Smoking is Even More Hazardous for Diabetics

Here are 7 reasons why mixing diabetes with smoking is a very bad idea:

1) You are more likely to get nerve damage (neuropathy). This is because smoking affects your blood circulation and that in turn means your nerve endings are not getting the nutrients they need. If this happens to the nerves in your feet it could lead to sores and infections and, if not taken care of properly, even amputation.

2) There is an increased risk and double in fact -of you getting limited mobility in your joints. It’s no fun trying to bend, climb stairs or lift something when you have a painful joint.

3) Because of smoking, you could develop kidney disease.

4) When you smoke your blood pressure increases. Increased blood pressure creates a real risk of heart disease.

5) Research has shown that diabetics who smoke increase, 3-fold, the risk of dying of heart (cardiovascular) disease.

6) By smoking, you increase your blood sugar levels. This makes it more difficult to control your diabetes because your glucose levels could be fluctuating quite dramatically. This, in turn, leads to other problems.

7) And it also increases your cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of a heart attack.

In fact smoking – and passive smoking – have a seriously detrimental effect on the ABC’s of diabetes management:

A: The measurement of your blood glucose over a 3-month period

B: Your blood pressure, which should be below 130/80

C: Your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels include LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. Your LDL should be below 100. HDL levels should be above 40 (for men) and above 50 (for women). Triglycerides should be below 150.

And, of course, on top of all that, there’s the proven risk of cancer!

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5 Outstanding Steps To Quit Smoking For Good

5 Outstanding Steps To Quit Smoking For Good

In this article, you’ll learn the 5 outstanding steps to quit smoking for good without using patches, pills or vapes. Did you know 95% of people trying to quit smoking end up failing miserably? They wonder why, they have a strong will, they’ve mentally prepared and are committed beyond belief, but, they still fail anyway.

After working with a sea full of smokers (using hypnosis and other effective techniques) become non-smokers, I’ve realized there are several simple steps that every smoker needs to know before deciding to quit smoking. Here are some steps :

1. Mentally Prepare Yourself

5 Outstanding Steps To Quit Smoking For Good

In order to have any long-lasting change, the first step always is to mentally prepare for that challenge. Before attempting to stop smoking, try and make some changes to your smoking routines as much as possible. Tip 1: Tell yourself every cigarette you have is actually causing more harm to you than you can imagine. Tip 2: Stop smoking your favorite brand of cigarettes. It’s better to switch to a brand you’ve never tried before, one that you know for sure you’ll dislike. More importantly, change your smoking times. If you enjoy smoking in the evening, change it to the afternoon when you have work.

The goal is to mess up the luxury of smoking. Make it as uncomfortable as possible. Routines and habits have a lot to do with smoking/cigarette addictions, so any small changes will make a big difference when trying to break the habit.

2. Change your Perception

effective hypnosis center stop smoking experts

In this second step, you need to change your perception.

Start thinking about the dangers of smoking and how it’s affecting your body every time you smoke. Once you start thinking about smoking in this manner you’ll consciously start disliking and disassociating yourself with it. What the mind focuses on becomes the most dominant thought, so keep in mind that you’re not gaining anything good from smoking but rather creating and causing problems that will probably cost you your life in the near future.

This is a necessary mental step to take if you’ve made the decision to quit smoking. It’s very easy to do, and it gets easier over time.

3. Make an Announcement

Announce To Your Friends and family about you quitting smoking

Remember to tell your family and friends about your decision to become a permanent non-smoker!
By letting the people around you know what you’re about to do, you have them as your accountability partners. Support is very crucial when it comes to giving up any form of addiction. Another benefit of announcing it to your family and friends is that your confidence will start boosting since you’ll start feeling more attractive and in control of yourself.

4. Keep Your Eyes on The Big Price

5 steps how to quit smoking

Most people fail to overcome cigarettes or any other goal simply because they focus on instant gratification vs long term results. If you focus on killing time by smoking just one or two cigarettes at the parking lot while waiting for an appointment vs reminding yourself of the dangers that smoking causes, then you’re setting yourself up to fail miserably.

The ultimate goal is to stop the harmful habit so you can live longer and be there for your grandchildren’s graduation. So always keep that goal in mind and ask yourself, what you can do to accomplish that goal?

Those who failed to quit smoking always reported that they only focused on the instant gratification vs the long term goal of achieving great health or living longer.
Well, the good news is, once they started focusing on their goals, they became more strong-willed and gave up smoking completely.

So, if you happen to slip up, even more than a couple of times, keep getting back on track. Trust me, once you start focusing on your “bigger why” your reasons for succeeding will gain more momentum.

5. Changing Your Lifestyle

Choose friends that will support you on your quit smoking jorney

This is the easiest step yet the most important. It’s going to be very difficult to give up smoking if you think, behave, and do what smokers do. The same is true if you keep hanging out with your smoking buddies who keep pressuring you to smoke just one cigarette. As the saying goes, you become who you hang out with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you stop hanging out with your friends. All you have to do is find people who will support and encourage you to achieve your goals. Spend more time around such people because they can help you achieve your goal of ending your bad smoking habit for good.

If you’re certain about wanting to stop the expensive habit of smoking and be a healthier person, then make the decision now. Not sure if you’re addicted to nicotine? Click here to find out more.

Follow the steps above and enjoy the beauty of being healthy. Not sure what your smoking triggers are? Click here to get The 6 Smoking Triggers Cheat Sheet

You only have one life, don’t waste it!